Fall training in Stratton

After a few easy recovery days following the Lake Placid Camp, we got back at it with an intensity week here in Stratton.  We started the week out with some long intervals up the Stratton Mountain Access road, which recently got repaved making for AWESOME rollerskiing.  The workout called for 2x 25 minutes at threshold pace.

Classic skiing 2x 25 minutes at threshold up the Stratton Mountain Access road.

Erika and Annie, killing it.

Later in the week we did skating sprint intensity workout, consisting of 14 repititions of 30″ at close to max speed.

Skate sprint intensity day.

Throwing down a speed with Andy and SMS junior Hamish.

Team shot at the end of the workout (Flowers photo).

The last few days the weather has turned really rainy.  It’s almost as if someone flicked a switch from summer to fall.  The leaves up at the mountain are at peak color.

Sunday night we hosted a reception for the SMST2 team to meet with supporters and members of the community.

Sophie and Dave Newell at the SMST2 reception.

Myself, Skyler, and Sophie, at the SMS T2 reception.

Pretty girls! Erika, Sophie, and Annie.

The team. Top row, from left: Erika, Sophie, and Annie. Bottom row: Gus, me, Andy, and Skyler. Not pictured: Jessie Diggins, who is home  with family this week.

This Friday the team is heading out to Park City for our next camp with the USST.  Check back for a new post then!

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