NNF Drive for 25

The National Nordic Foundation  is an awesome organization that supports the development of US skiing.   The NNF helps fund trips such as the J1 Scando Cup, World Juniors, U23 World Championships, and World Cup Competitions.  Last year the NNF cut the cost of attending World Junior Championships (the premier international competition for skiers under 20), from a prohibitive $4,125 down to $2,200 per athlete.

This year, the NNF is working to continue cutting the cost of competing internationally through a grassroots fundraising effort called the Drive for 25, with the goal of raising $125,000 for US skiing.  To foster the involvement of athletes in the fundraising effort, an anonymous donor has stepped forward promising to contribute $5 for every $1 raised by athletes, up to $50,000.  This match ONLY counts toward money raised by athletes.  This is an incredible opportunity to spread the word about the NNF and really raise a lot of money toward the development of US skiing.

My personal goal is to raise $1000 for NNF, which with the matching donor, will raise $6,000 overall for US skiing.  To donate to the Drive for 25, click here.  Remember, your donation will be QUINTUPLED by the matching donor!

Here is how NNF jump starts the growth of skiing in the US at all levels.

Thanks for reading!

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