New VIDEO is up!

New video is up from spring skiing adventures! Had a ton of fun working on this one!

I wanted to show the way I experience xc skiing, and show how much possible on nordic gear.  I’ve always had a hard time describing how awesome spring crust skiing is, so I just had to make a video!

All the footage is from crust skiing adventures this spring in late April and early May.  The specific locations were in the Talkeetna Mountains near Hatcher Pass, and in the Amphitheater Mountains off of the Denali Highway.  The video is from five different days.  Each day we were out for about three hours and covered on average 40km per day.  We definitely had some amazing conditions.

Some stills from the adventures.

We’re back to full training here with APU and are starting our second month long block today.  Stay tuned for more updates!

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