Eagle Glacier Camp 1 w/VID

Glacier camp number one is in the books.   I made a short mini-vid with some highlights from the week.  Check it out!

My goal this summer is to make the next step in my training volume. I trained 80 hours in May and am looking to increase that in June-September for the primary preparation period.  The mountains provide that extra motivation for me to get out and enjoy the training.

Another big goal is getting a lot of hours on snow.  In May and June this year I’ve got 50 on-snow hours so far.  Dryland training is super important, but nothing can replace the feeling of kicking on snow.

Here are some photos from the week:

EG June 2016 Blog-1

View of the Thomas Training Center above Girdwood Valley (to the left), and Eagle Glacier (to the right).  The training center is at an elevation of 5600′ (1700 m), high enough that it can snow any day of the year.

EG June 2016 Blog PB-1

Thanks to Erik Flora and Mike Matteson for amazing grooming all week!

EG June 2016 Blog-4

EG June 2016 Blog-2

Views from the training center.

Some GoPro stills above…

EG June 2016 Blog-7

Tyler Kornfield in taking in the vast scenery.

EG June 2016 Blog-10

Alaska Dispatch News picked up the picture for a nice article on APU!  Note of clarification: I’m definitely not “on” the US Ski Team, but as Supertour Leader, will have the opportunity to travel with them and race World Cups this fall for Period 1.

EG June 2016 Blog-8

Eagle Glacier in the foreground, Prince William Sound in the distance.

EG June 2016 Blog-9

Thanks for checking in!

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